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Standard Boxes

We manufacture boxes to FEFCO specifications, set by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. This ensures consistency from batch to batch and allows you to specify what you require with accuracy – and the knowledge that we will deliver exactly what you expect.

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Removal Boxes, Archive Boxes, Warehouse Trays

Whatever you need to store or move, we make a box to suit! Check out our  range of standard stock boxes, available at great prices.

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Dividers, Internal Fittings & Layer Pads

Using the right inner components will protect your product during transit.

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Bespoke Boxes

We specialise in making boxes to your specific requirements. We can offer variations on FEFCO designs as well as a totally bespoke design and manufacturing service.

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Printed Boxes

We can flexo print up to 2 colours inhouse and work with a  number of local trusted printers to achieve the best litho or other finish as you require.

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Presentation Boxes

Need a box to make your products, table ware, corporate gifts etc look even more special and keep them protected?.

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 Point of Sale

Whether its Free Standing  or Counter Display Units, we can produce it for you to maximise sales. We also offer a large range of shelf ready packaging.

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Coloured Board

Need coloured board for a particular project?. Our equipment can ‘floodcoat’  board in any colour with a matt or varnished glossy finish. From 1 sheet to 1000+.

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